For almost a decade, Jasperse Transport has handled its customers’ logistical challenges. We have become the regular partner of many companies in various sectors, like the chemical industry and shipping.

Of course we could tell you a marvellous tale about our excellent service, great flexibility, the quality of our tailor-made services, our reliability and our commitment, but perhaps it is better if you discover all these advantages for yourself.

We keep our promises! Not only you but your customers too will be glad you chose Jasperse Transport.

Let us list some of the characteristics of our company:

  • Advanced methods in transport planning
  • Short lines of communication between you, us and your customer
  • Broadly based, new fleet
  • Modern storage and transfer facilities
  • Experienced, skilled staff

In short: You will receive tailor-made logistics at market prices.

Socially responsible business practices

We too accept our social responsibilities. We strive to limit all harmful effects on our living environment as much as possible. We try to

  • Minimize energy consumption and
  • Limit CO2-emissions

of our transport, storage facilities and offices.

General terms and conditions

We work according to General Transport Conditions (AVC) and the CMR-terms. The AVC organises the liability of the transporter regarding damage to transported goods. CMR means the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road. The CMR-terms determine the liability of the transporter regarding international transport. 

We are members of the branch-organisation Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN).

Jasperse Transport, a reliable link in your logistical chain!

Bas Jasperse 

Bas Jasperse (39) is manager of Jasperse Transport. He has completed various courses in transport and logistics and learned about transport from the ground up. Starting off as a truck driver, he then spent many years working as a transport planner for large shippers. Today one could describe the dynamic and creative Bas as a master of transport planning. He is married and has two children.